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Foundation Center – www.fdncenter.org – News, articles, and links to over 4,800 funders, proposal writing short course, prospect worksheet, free online learning labs, access to 990’s and more

Innovation Network – www.innonet.org – Free workstation that helps you build and evaluate your proposal

About.com’s Nonprofit Section – www.nonprofit.about.com – Lots of information about fundraising, preparing grant proposals, and starting a nonprofit

Charity Village – www.charityvillage.com/cv/research.prop.htm - Canadian site that includes a section about grantseeking

Delaware Association of Nonprofit Agencies – www.delawarenonprofit.org/fundgaq.htm
Great fundraising links, information on evaluation and outcomes, and links to funders information on grantwriting

GrantProposal.com – www.grantproposal.com – Advice on grantseeking, how to gather information about grantmakers, how to craft letters of inquiry and proposals, and links to other grantseeking websites

Minnesota Council on Foundations - www.mcf.org/mcf/grant/writing.htm - Grantseeking and proposal writing basics

Guide to Proposal Planning and Writing – www.wm.educ/grants/PRO/miner.pdf - A 29-page overview of the grantwriting process and parts of a proposal

Learner Associates.Net – www.learnerassociates.com – Guide for grantwriting

Corporation for Public Broadcasting – www.cpb.org/grants/grantwriting.htm - Basic proposal writing tips

Proposalwriter.com – www.proposalwriter.com/grantwriting.html - Assorted tips about proposal preparation

Polaris Grants Central – www.poalrisgrantcentral.net/tip.html - Basic grantwriting tips

Grantsmart – www.grantsmart.com – Research foundation and charitable trust 990’s

Guidestar – www.guidestar.com – Research 990’s; sign up for free electronic newsletter

Basic Funder – www.basicfunder.com – Low-cost easy-to-use fundraising database software
List Servs

Grantseeker Tips – www.MinerAndAssociates.com (follow “Join” instructions) – Monthly newsletter for grantseekers that provides great tips and a bit of humor

Norris Consulting Group – www.norrisconsultinggroup.com (contact jodi@norrisconsultinggroup.com to sign up) – A monthly notice of due dates and descriptions of various foundation and government grant RFP’s

Grant Spy – www.grantspy.com – Membership required for weekly RFP notification

Guidestar Newsletter – www.guidestar.org – Monthly newsletter covering a variety of philanthropy-related topics

Grants.gov – www.grants.gov – Daily notification of federal RFP’s

Foundation Center – www.fdncenter.org/newsletters  - RFP bulletins and assorted other newsletters

Charity Channel Newsletters – www.charitychannel.com/enewsletters - Various electronic newsletters regarding grant opportunities, foundation reviews, and other topics for a nominal fee

Professional Organizations

Puget Sound Grantwriters Association – www.grantwriters.org – Professional grantwriters organization with members from throughout the Puget Sound region of Washington State.  The organization offers an annual day-long training conference and job postings.  The members’ list serv includes thought-provoking discussion about a variety of topics related to grantwriting.

American Association of Grant Professionals – www.grantprofessionals.org – National professional grantwriters’ organization with members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The organization hosts and annual conference and offers a semi-annual journal, a quarterly e-newsletter, and job postings.  The members-only list serv offers discussion of a wide range of grantsmanship topics, many of which are of national importance.




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